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Lots of IT consultants can promise to provide great service and maintain your network of hardware and software, but can they provide cloud empowerment or do they promise to be your partner?

We do.

We can be your virtual IT department, your resource in times of emergency and want to be your partner, helping you focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure. Whether you’d like us to work alongside your IT staff or be your primary technology solutions provider, CRS Technology Consultants has the experience, resources, and customer care expertise to keep you top in your industry and your information technology running smoothly.

How can we
help you and
your business

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In a nutshell, when it comes to information technology services in Southwest Florida and beyond, CRS Technology Consultants does it all.

Tired of night sweats and anxiety about your network? What if there’s a storm? What if the back up fails? What ifs can drive you crazy!

It’s not enough to have remote storage for your data. What if there’s an accident on site and both your main and backup storage is compromised?

What We Do

If you operate a business you understand the importance of technology… from lawn care to health care, virtually every successful business is built on technology of some kind. What happened if it all crashed tomorrow?

At CRS Technology Consultants we provide the peace of mind that every business owner or IT director, maybe even you, seeks – the reassurance that no matter what, your data is safe and the comfort in knowing you’re network’s potential is being met.

Provide Peace of Mind

What keeps you up at night? Do you worry about your business’ IT network – while you’re at work or while you’re away? We can help. We can monitor your system 24/7 and prevent outages rather than just fix them.

Enable You to Be Better at What You Do

With better technology you can have a better business. You can better serve your customers and your team can be more efficient. Let us focus on your IT needs so you can focus on your business.

Deliver Cloud Empowerment

Data and network operations are the lifeblood of business. What if your server crashed tomorrow? Are you ready with a cloud back up? Let us help you remove the risk in data storage and be prepared – no matter what.

But don’t take our Word for it

  • We have had a long standing working relationship with CRS Technology Consultants. We rely on them for all of our IT needs and to successfully implement new technology strategies to keep us current and competitive in the marketplace. They are very knowledgeable, and are an integral part of our team.

    Cindy Mulroy, Office Administrator Wiltshire, Whitley, Richardson & English, PA
  • Thank you, and many thanks to the team for the configuration, setup and monitoring of the technology for our recent event. Everything ran smoothly thanks to the efforts of CRS Technology Consultants.

    Conservancy of Southwest Florida
  • It’s good to know that when my computer doesn’t work, even on a Saturday morning, I can call for service. It’s nice to have someone to rely on.

    Wasmer, Schroeder & Company
  • CRS is a company that knows the value of its clients.We trust the leadership, talent and quality of each of CRS team members.They do a fabulous job keeping us secure and up to date on technology. We value their flexibility and ability to help us at any time we need help.

    Diana Gonzalez Florida Skin Center
B & I Contractors, Inc.
Lehigh General and Implant Dentistry
I&E, Inc.

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