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Company owner Jordi Tejero heads up the cutting-edge team of CRS Technology Consultants out of its world headquarters in Southwest Florida. He joined the company in 2004 and was promoted to president in 2010 before assuming his current role in 2012.

Having worked his way up from the tech trenches over the past 20-plus years, he has unique hands-on experience required to create custom solutions for every partner. He and his executive team share this insight with their team of talented technicians, and have created a culture of innovation, passion, respect and collaboration. Combined with our unique drive and passion for service, our team at CRS Technology Consultants’ is devoted to doing the best, and right thing, for every partner they encounter. With recognition ranging from advanced tech certifications to community-based ethical achievements, we do our best to live up to standards of excellence. Contact us today to learn more about them and how we can put them to use for you.


To provide solutions that allow our partners to focus on the success of their businesses, so they can be the best in their fields.


To provide a happy, healthy and challenging work environment to our team members.

Core Values

• Passion – Have a fire in your belly. It shows if you don’t.
• Respect – Treat others as you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule.
• Collaboration – No one has all the answers. Ask each other for help.
• Innovation – System components come in boxes. The best solutions come from thinking outside them.

The CRS Technology Consultants Team

Ever since they were little, tekkies at CRS Technology Consultants have always had inquisitive minds, always trying to figure out how things work and how to make them better. They love to learn and to pass their knowledge along to clients by ways of providing the best service and quality solutions.

Andrew Jacobson
Anthony Buonanoma
Brian Suverison
Brittni Tejero
Cody Toscano
Elena Tejero
Eric Sargent
Hugh Myers
John Joyce
Jordan Potter
Jordi Tejero
Julie Klein
Leah Wingerter
Paul Hedges
Robert Junkin
Ryan Steele
Sarah McCabe
Sara Gilpin
Will Chimel

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CRS Technology Consultants started out in 1988, as Computer Rescue Squad, and just celebrated our 30th year in business offering computer service, repair and sales. As technology developed, so did CRS. From software and hardware integration and system designs, to security and network audits and more, we have the experience to service both Microsoft and Apple products.