Case Study: I&E, Inc.

Project Description

Situation: I&E came to us with a traditional server based infrastructure that had been compromised with a virus infection and was no longer able to operate properly.

Solution: With the nature of the real estate industry, it was apparent to us that a traditional server solution was not ideal for I&E. We migrated to Microsoft’s Office 365 midsize business solution. Email was located with a local provider, documents were saved locally, and shared files were located on the server. This was all consolidated into one place in Office 365, and productivity and mobility has increased. IT support needs also decreased substantially after the implementation of cloud solutions.

About: When they were founded in 1991, I&E, Inc. had a focus on providing all essential services for visitors of the Lehigh Acres area. Within a short period of time, the trust established between their family and valued clients led to a significant expansion of services, which now include the sale and purchase of real estate, the management of commercial and residential properties, the management of homeowner's and condominium association, as well as building residential and commercial buildings in all of Lee County.